Nutanix HCI vs SmartX HCI




Nutanix HCI

SmartX HCI


Hypervisor Support

AHV / vSphere ESXi / Hyper-V

ELF / vSphere ESXi/Citrix XenServer

Nutanix AHV officially certified and support third-party mainstream application or OS (e.g. Oracle / RHEL / Security virtual appliance / Backup software).


SmartX SMTX software is certified by Citrix and Vmware. And SMTX software is also certified by many domestic vendors, such as UOS OS, Kylin OS, Kunpeng and Phytium.

HCI Management

Nutanix Cloud Management

SmartX CloudTower

Nutanix not only provide HCI management capability, but also advance features like cloud like operation console that automate IT operation tasks, forecast resource usage and capacity planning…etc


SmartX HCI management:

CloudTower provides advanced features including:

1. Cross-cluster migration

2. Content library

3. Self-service portal

4. Resource optimization and recommendation

5. USB device

6. One-click upgrade

7. Active-active cluster

8. Restful API and CLI management

9. VM level or volume level storage QoS

10. Placement group

Automation features

DBaaS (Era) / App Self Services / Playbook

No such product

Nutanix provide different automation features to helps you simplify application management and operation tasks.

E.g. DBaaS (Era) – Multiple DB automation and management

IaaS – Automated application deployment and management

Playbook – Automate IT operations tasks


Currently, SMTX does not have DBaaS or PaaS products.

Security feature

Network micro segmentation / Ransomware protection / WORM unified storage


Nutanix HCI platform are security ready HCI platform that help you meet certification and standards with ease

Nutanix official compliance and certification


Everoute is an SMTX micro-segmentation product.

1. It supports setting network security policies according to vm labels.

2. It also supports isolating abnormal VMs in the cluster.

Cloud Native Application

Cloud native ready

Roadmap only

Nutanix are ready for cloud native solutions. It offer k8s deployment and management on AHV. Also certified for Redhat Openshift platform for advance DevOps environment


Cloud native solution is in the roadmap. The new solution will support managing VM and containers (k8s-based) in one platform.

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